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Godox LSD 60cm Dual Two Light Photography Shooting Mini LED Tent


Light-free, high height, shooting time,

Dual or triple dimming, free adjustment of lamp position,

High color rendering index (CRI >96, TLCI>98), true reduction of object color 

Can shoot at multiple angles

Lightweight and convenient, easy to operate, easy to store Suitable for various equipment with shooting function

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Godox Collapsible reflector Disc 5 in 1 110 CM

  • Durable and flexible steel spring frame, easy spreading and closing
  • The spring frame is covered with white translucent material that can be used to diffuse both studio light and direct sunlight.
  • Silver - increase the specular highlights and yields a high-contract, cool tone image, perfect for video, product shots and B&W photography.
  • Black - block out unwanted light


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