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  • Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 16 Studio (Dongle)-Home-DV/RESSTUD/DONGLE-DIGI TECH Trading L.L.C
Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 16 Studio (Dongle)-Home-DV/RESSTUD/DONGLE-DIGI TECH Trading L.L.C

Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 16 Studio (Dongle)

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Key Features
  • 8K Editing and Color Correction
  • Fusion VFX and Fairlight Audio
  • All-New Cut Page
  • Dual Timeline



Blackmagic Design DV/RESSTUD/DONGLE Overview

Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 16 Studio adds an all-new Cut page to its editing, color grading, Fusion VFX, and Fairlight audio post-production pages. Over the years, Resolve has been growing from an industry-standard color grading software to a more complete post-production solution. Today, in one comprehensive application, Resolve provides all the above advanced capabilities in one software. To access each toolset, simply switch to the tab/page that offers it. In addition, Resolve offers a powerful collaboration workflow and supports a suite of control panels, including the Resolve Editor Keyboard.

Your order provides you with a USB dongle that lets you download the software on an unlimited number of computers and move between them as needed. Your download provides you with the latest version of Resolve Studio.

Resolve features a node-based color grading system. Each node (layer) can have its own color correction, isolated areas, and effects. Unlimited numbers of nodes can be joined together sequentially or in parallel. In all, you can combine grades, effects, mixers, keys, and plug-ins in any order to create limitless color effects and unique looks. This is the core of Resolve's color grading functionality, and there are hundreds of advanced features and capabilities.

The video editing functionality in Resolve is designed to handle TV dramas, commercials, multicamera productions, and all other project types from the smallest to the largest. The trimming tool is context-sensitive, meaning that based on where you position the mouse cursor on the timeline, Resolve will automatically switch to the trimming function you need, so you can ripple, roll, slip, slide, or extend and shorten your footage without having to manually switch tools. Resolve allows for multiple people to work together on the same timeline at the same time in a collaborative effort. This is a major time benefit when each user is assigned a specific task. Just like with the grading section, the editing section also has hundreds of other features and capabilities.

The Fusion page provides a complete 3D workspace with hundreds of tools for compositing, vector paint, keying, rotoscoping, text animation, tracking, stabilization, particles, and more. It allows you to create photorealistic visual effects, advanced motion graphics, and advanced title sequences.

Fairlight provides ADR tools, audio normalization, 3D panners, audio and video scrollers, a sound library database, and built-in cross-platform plug-ins such as reverb, hum removal, vocal channel, and de-esser.

Using Resolve's Emmy award-winning image processing technology, all image processing is done at deep 32-bit float processing combined with unique, patented YRGB color science that processes luminance independent of color. This allows you to adjust the luminance of video without rebalancing the color of your highlights, midtones, or shadows. The large internal color space is also perfect for the latest HDR and wide color gamut workflows.

Resolve was designed with the ability to integrate with dozens of other applications, so you can focus more on your project. Resolve can share sequences and round-trip projects with Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Media Composer, and other editing, audio, VFX, and motion graphics software. Projects can be edited on any system and then linked back to your full-quality camera raw files using XML, AAF, or EDL, and finish in greater bit depth with Resolve. You can also use AAF export to send a project to Pro Tools with discreet audio clips and a single-layer video mix down for audio finishing.


Your order provides you with a USB dongle that lets you download the software on an unlimited number of computers and move between them as needed. Your download provides you with the latest version of Resolve Studio.

Key New Features

  • Addition of all-new Cut page
  • Multiple performance improvements with significantly faster Fusion processing
  • Collaboration workflow improvements
  • Speed Warp motion estimation powered by the DaVinci Neural Engine
  • Timeline level resolution, frame rate, scaling, and monitoring settings within the same project
  • Upload directly to YouTube and Vimeo
  • Quick Export for quickly performing renders from all pages
  • Adjustment Clips to apply filters, effects, and grades on top of a range of timeline clips
  • Frame.io integration supporting media imports, direct uploads, marker, and comment syncing
  • Significantly improved GPU accelerated real-time scopes
  • Initial immersive 3D audio support including Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, MPEG-H, and SMPTE ST 2098
  • Free Foley sound effects library available from the Blackmagic Design support website
  • Support for the DaVinci Resolve Editor Keyboard


Faster Way to Edit

The cut page challenges the traditional way of working with innovative yet familiar concepts such as source tape mode and an A/B trim tool, two modern features that are rooted in the past. The cut page isn't about simplification, it's about removing the things you don't need and building tools that help you work more quickly. Sometimes, this means borrowing the things that were great about the past and bringing them into the future.

Source Tape

Back in the days of tape, finding a clip was easy because you could just spool up and down the tape to see your media and select shots. Today, finding the right clip in a bin with hundreds of files is slow. With source tape, you no longer have to waste time hunting through bins to find the clip you need. Simply click on the source tape button and all of the clips in your bin appear in the viewer as a single long "tape". This makes it easy to scrub through all of your shots, find the parts you want, and quickly edit them to the timeline. It's an old-fashioned concept that's completely modernized to help you find the shots you need fast.

Dual Timeline

Zooming in and out and scrolling timelines is extremely slow. The new cut page features an innovative dual timeline, so you never have to zoom in or out again. The upper timeline shows you the entire program while the lower timeline shows you the area in which you're working. Both timelines are fully functional, allowing you to move and trim clips in whichever timeline is most convenient. Want to move a clip all the way to the end of your program? Simply pick it up from the lower timeline and drag it to the end of the upper timeline to move it down the edit. With the dual timeline, you'll always know where you are because you always have a zoomed in timeline that's ideal for trimming and fine tuning your edits using the contextual tools.

Dedicated Trim Tool

Oftentimes, the only place you can perform accurate trimming is in the timeline. However, with the new cut page, you can view trim points displayed in the viewer and trim extremely accurately. Also known as an A/B trimmer, this new graphical view lets you adjust each side of the edit with numeric frame counters and nudge tools. The new dedicated trim tool becomes active any time you trim a clip and allows precise trimming of clips before adding them into the timeline. Plus, when trimming in the timeline you can trim in 3 locations -- the lower timeline, the upper timeline, and the trim editor.

Fast Review

Reviewing footage that you didn't shoot yourself can delay the start of an edit session. It's vital to become familiar with your media before you can start editing. Fast review speeds up this process by fast playing through your clips and intelligently adjusting playback speed depending on the length of the clip. Fast review works with the source tape, or even the timeline, and lets you quickly review media without playing back any single clip too fast, so you don't inadvertently miss a shot. Short clips will play back slower than longer clips; however, long clips are limited in speed so they don't play too fast. You also get tape style audio scrubbing with automatic pitch correction, which makes it easier to understand the audio at higher speeds.

Transform, Color, Audio, and Text

The cut page puts all the basic tools you need in one consolidated strip below the viewer. You get transformation tools for picture in picture effects, color balance, retiming, stabilization, dynamic zoom, audio, text, and filter effects, all in one place. That means you'll be able to quickly adjust color, change an audio level, or add titles and effects without having to ever leave the cut page.

Cut, Dissolve, and Smooth Cut

The cut, dissolve, and smooth cut buttons let you quickly switch an edit point between the most common types of transitions. The cut button turns an edit point into a hard cut between two clips and the dissolve button creates a standard cross dissolve. Smooth cut uses advanced optical flow image analysis to magically smooth out jump cuts between similar clips.

Intelligent Editing

The cut page features all of the standard edit types that you expect. The difference is that editing on the cut page is intelligent. It automatically makes edits at the trim point nearest the location of the playhead, so you can work more quickly and don't have to keep moving your playhead into position.

Transitions and Effects

Instantly access and apply the most popular video transitions, effects, and title templates directly from the cut page. Simply click on the transition button or the effects library button at the top of the screen and you'll see dozens of transitions, wipes, and effects. Just drag and drop the one you want into your timeline, adjust its settings, and watch it play back in real time.

Importing Media

With the cut page designed to work on smaller monitors it also includes other functions, so you can import media and deliver without going to other pages. The cut page features media import buttons to import individual files or entire directory structures with subfolders right into the bin. This means you don't need to use the media management page which can sometimes be too complex for smaller monitors on laptops. The cut page is fully integrated into DaVinci Resolve, so you get compatibility with virtually every video format. Plus, there's never a need to transcode files or work with proxies. Simply import your footage and start editing.

Quick Export

When you're on a tight deadline, you need to be able to deliver finished programs fast. The new quick export tool lets you quickly render and upload your finished program to online services such as YouTube and Vimeo. The quick export menu is on all DaVinci Resolve pages, so you can now instantly render out a finished edit without using the deliver page. You can also create your own quick export presets for saving local files.

Great for Portable Editing

The new cut page is designed to work well on smaller laptop screens. If you're in the field on a 13" notebook and smaller screen, the user interface automatically scales and reconfigures itself to give you the highest amount of usable space, so you can still edit quickly and get your program finished. When you move to a larger display, the user interface scales up beautifully, giving you even more room to keep working. Every feature on the cut page has been designed to save space and allow editing on smaller monitors.

Specific References

Blackmagic Design DV/RESSTUD/DONGLE

Delivery Method USB Dongle
License Type Standard
License Length Perpetual License
Number of Users Supported 1
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems macOS X 10.12.6
Windows 10
CentOS 6.8
Memory Requirement 8 GB (32 GB Recommended)

Packaging Info
Package Weight 0.195 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 7.6 x 5.45 x 0.7"
  • Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 16 Studio (Dongle)
  • USB Dongle.

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