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Aputure Light Dome II (34.8")

Key Features
  • Hexadecagon Shape with 16 Steel Rods
  • 2 Front Diffusers: 1.5 and 2.5 Stops
  • Removable Inner Diffuser
  • 40° Grid, Gel Filter Holder
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Aputure Space Light

Key Features
  • LS 120 and 300 Series LED Lights
  • Ideal for Producing Overhead Soft Light
  • Compatible w/ Bowens Front Mount Lights
  • 28.5" Height, 18" Diameter
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Godox S-Type bracket + Softbox + Bag

  • Kit that includes the Godox S Holder, folding Softbox 60x60cm with Bowens mount and traveling bag
  • As an optimized patented product, Godox S-type speedlite bracket is superior: all-in-one, smaller size, portable design, no assembly/disassembly, and easy mounting system.
  • Quickly add Bowens-mount lighting accessories to get creative lighting effects.


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Godox Barn Door

  • Fits Bowens-Mount Lights
  • Four-Leaf Barndoor
  • Honeycomb Grid
  • Yellow, Green, Blue, and Red Filters


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Godox Snoot with honeycomb

  • Pls Note the mount and its size,compatible many godox and neewer strobe/monolight flash like De300,De400,Sk300,Sk400 etc(Fit above 300 watts Monolight
  • Lenght:23cm;The mount Diameter:9.5cm;The light outlet Dimater:6cm
  • Perfect as a hair light or accent light, add accentuation in portrait and beauty photography
  • The snoot is designed to create a spotlight effect with your Speedlight creating special effects on your background or as an accent ligh
  • This snoot is specifically designed for use with strobe and monolight heads that use the Bowens S-Type



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