Sony DVF-EL200 Full OLED Viewfinde

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Works with CineAlta cameras. Compatible with CineAlta cameras, including the PMW-F55 and PMW-F5.

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Sony DVF-EL200 Full OLED Viewfinder.

0.7-inch 1920 x 1080 Full HD OLED panel
1920 x 1080 Full HD panel helps camera operators focus and frame their images comfortably and easily.

Brighter and higher contrast OLED panel
Thanks to the latest OLED technology, you get superb brightness of approximately 200 cd/m2, making it about twice as bright as the DVF-EL100, the previous PMW-F55/F5 viewfinder. OLED technology – a self-emitting technology – guarantees the highest contrast ratio. With no smear or blur, the viewfinder reproduces motion with high fidelity and makes it easy to focus the 4K image.

LEMO connector
The viewfinder connects to the F55 or F5 using its durable LEMO connector.

Heavy and smooth dioptre ring
The dioptre ring is heavy and smooth to make it easier to use. It also has a scale for adjustment.

Dust and splash resistance
The viewfinder is dust and splash resistant for more protection in the field.

Quick and easy attachment
The viewfinder is attached to the F55 and F5 using the CBK-55AT attachment (available separately). The CBK-55AT provides a quick and easy detachable system to remove the viewfinder from the camera.

Rotary encoder to adjust brightness, contrast and peaking level
The viewfinder has a rotary encoder and menu button on the inside. These can control brightness, contrast and peaking quickly and without having to open the camera menu display.

Improved eye sensor
The DVF-EL200 will automatically invert its OLED display when its proximity sensor detects your eye has moved away. The proximity distance is doubled compared to DVF-EL100 for improved responsiveness.

Separate viewfinder cable and attachment
In order to use the DVF-EL200 with F55 and F5, viewfinder cables and CBK-55AT attachment are required (available separately).


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